About School of Fashion Technology

As approved by AICTE, Recognized by UGC, KIIT in its endeavour of excellence has always believed that one must march forward to be followed by others. KIIT has established School of Fashion Technology from the academic session 2009. The School caters to the national and international students aspiring to be Textile & Fashion Design Graduates. KIIT School of Fashion Technology fulfils the long felt need of such school under a reputed university in this part of the country. The Institute is  also dedicate and focus itself  for creating  professionals of par calibre who would  like to make  a mark  in the booming Fashion Retail Sector & Manufacturing Sectors . The course offered by School of Fashion Technology will enable the students to learn design through extensive theory classes, intensive practical, field visits, market survey, Craft Documentation, Industry Internships & Portfolio Development. The School is determined to create a centre of excellence with qualitative education, creative exposures, conceptualization skills and technical expertise, well-researched teaching methodology, industry Linkages and intellectually stimulating cosmopolitan environment.

FASHION TODAY : Fashion is Passion

KIIT University has created a place in the globe an Indian academic map in a short span of two and a half decades. It started with small seed money of Rs.5000/- in 1992-93.  It began speeding its wings and become a vibrant educational hub and conglomerate by1997 with an addition of several other institutes- KIIT Polytechnic (Diploma Engineering School), KIIT School of Computer Application, KIIT School of Management, KIIT School of Technology, School of Medicine, School of Design (Fashion & Textile), School of Mass Communication, School of Film & Media Sciences, School of Biotechnology, School of Law, School of Architecture etc.

Today , the University, comprising 28 schools stands majestically on an area spread of over 25 square kilometres with 23 aesthetically laid out, independent but contiguous campuses which offer graduate, post-graduate , doctoral and post-doctoral programmes in all important  branches of Engineering, Computer Application, Business Management, Rural Management, Law, Medicine , Nursing, Dental Sciences, Public –health, Humanities, Language, Fashion, Film , Nursing, Dental Sciences, Public-health, Humanities, incredible that within a time span of 17 years.


To   Create   an  advanced center  for professionals  learning  in the field of Fashion & Textile Design  emphasize   on Sustainable and  Eco friendly  Fashion  compatible to Changing Environments in  Apparel & Textile  Industry .


Critical Thinking: To bring the Creative Idea into  Product development  through  the Design process and  brainstorming together  for the benefit of Society

Effective Communication: To transform Creativity  Ideas with techniques, tools&medium  for Design Creation and effective communication through Creativity.

Social Interaction: To exhibit Art & Creativity in Apparel & Textile Design to the world and benefit for its end users

Effective Citizenship: To use the Design Education for national building and contribution to  the economic development of the nation.

Ethics: To adhere to morality while expressing ideas in the Design Creativity.

Environment and Sustainability:   Understand the issues having environmental context and sustainable development and use these in Design & development for the protection and preservation of our environment.

Demonstration  and  Continue Learning: Design  is  a Creative process to  acquire the ability  of  lifelong learning in the broadest context in Socio-, Economical and technological changes

Individual and team work: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multidisciplinary approach for creativity in Design  settings.

Understanding  Design Creativity:  Analyze, appreciate and learn all aspects  of  the Design thinking process & creativity development

Creative Skill Development: Transformation of ideas and concepts from all nature & evolution processes to design development in different stages of the development process.

Managing responsibilities: Effective use of Design Creativity knowledge as mass benefits with time management and cost-cutting and managing finance in achieving creative excellence.

The Fashion Design programme at KIIT School of Fashion Technology, KIIT University,  provides students with a comprehensive vision where students gain practical hands-on experience in their course enabling them to confidently enter career paths in fashion design, pattern making, garment manufacturing, craft studies, fashion merchandising and so on.

This is overseen by a team of professional faculty who instruct, inspire and mentor students utilizing their technical and design expertise while also encouraging the development of individual style. This has ensured that SFT holds a coveted position among the top fashion design schools in the country as per the “Higher Education Digest”  ‘Top 10 Most Promising Fashion Institutes in India 2021

The four year B. Des. Programme in Fashion Design provides students with well- rounded knowledge of Indian as well as the global fashion industry that encompasses design, trends, manufacturing, marketing and retail. The programme provides an insight into the remarkable efforts that go into building a successful fashion business, and helps students to develop their skills, confidence and imagination. Internship, workshops, guest lectures and Industry visits are an integral part of the curriculum.

KIIT has achieved incredible feats by being ranked almost the topmost institutions in the Country and globe.

  • It has been recognized as an ‘Institution of Eminence’ by the Govt. of India.
  • KIIT has been ranked No.1 among self –financing institutions of the country in the Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements (ARIIA), 2020 of the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India.
  • KIIT’s Computer Science Faculty has been ranked in the band of 501-600 by The times Higher Education World University Ranking 2021.
  • It is also pertinent to mention that KIIT has been ranked in 601-800 bands for its Engineering and Technology streams.


Prof. Himansu Sekhar Khatua

Director General,
KIIT School of Fashion Technology

India, which has always been a center for the garment trade, is growing into a center of innovation in garment and accessory design. Fashion technology in India has a wide scope for choosing a career and has emerged as a viable career option for a large number of youngsters in the recent years. The fashion industry, now, has become so specialized that it encompasses a vast field of studies in design management, concept management, production management, quality control, planning, fabric design, printing, fashion accessory design, fashion merchandising, colour mixing, marketing and so on. The primary areas of work in the fashion industry are market research, designing and manufacturing of garments and textiles. Garment and textile industries have been thriving in all parts of India by focusing on the diverse and rich Indian traditions, cultural and social ethos. The new millennium has also brought forth along with it the challenge to uplift and reshape the old traditions and blend into modern perspective, thereby adding creativity and innovation to it.

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